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What People Are Saying

Gotta say the advanced excel class online is the best £120 I've ever spent! Recommended.

- A.A. Daniel

AVA gave me a blue print for my small business success using digital marketing. Detailed advice from someone who has done it.

- Tony Adams

Mark never loses sight of the fact that he's teaching. He always extracts and articulates the reason for each decision he makes. He completely opens up his process to the student. I learnt how to create my own website

- Sabitha E.

I love the morning fitness classes.

- Charles Fallow

Brilliant classes. learnt about project design. Lots of content covered, a 'must' for folks like me that need digital skills.

- Alan J.

Very compelling and detailed course which certainly inspires me to try things on my own.

- Dominique O'Neill

The AVA Guides are so calm. It does feel good to be taught by someone of my age. I too can do this when I get more skilled.

- Angela Hariss

I felt so motivated taking this create your own site course. It covers everything and I am thrilled at how I will be able to create more sites at my workplace.

- Michelle Fonte

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