Frequently Asked Questions

Learning with AVA

Our style focuses on useful conversational topics that are applicable to adults’ interests, careers and everyday lives. This allows learners of all levels to quickly apply what they learn inside the classroom to real-life scenarios.

We currently offer classes on Digital Skills, Fitness, Language.

As a Ava student, you can download the class materials for free and use them at any time.

AVA Guides like we call them are retrained educators. Teaching is not their hobby, it’s their career.

At AVA, you have the opportunity to learn from. If you however find a teacher you like, you can book their classes as well.

After booking a class on our platform, you will be able to join the class with 5-7 fellow learners. Your AVAGuide will introduce themselves and begin teaching the lesson using learning materials that you can download at the end of class. During the class, we encourage you to interact not only with the materials and the teacher but also with the students. Towards the end of class, the teacher will recap the lesson and ensure everybody has understood the lesson.

Online class experience

Our classes are intentionally small (3-5 students) so that you can receive personalized feedback.

AVA offers learning plans that cater to all types of adult learners, from beginner to advanced.

The key difference between AVA and an offline school is that AVA fits your busy schedule: you can take a class anytime and from anywhere. But otherwise, you can think of AVA as a traditional school that has moved online.

Definitely not. You can schedule classes that perfectly fit your busy — and sometimes variable — schedule. With us, you make your own schedule.

Technology requirements

Preparing to learn with us is simple. You need three things: a stable internet connection, a phone or computer, AVA account.

As soon as you signup on AVA, you will find a detailed tutorial in your student account. If you still have questions, our team of Support will be happy to help. Get in touch!

Learning progress

Yes! You receive points for each class that you complete with AVA.

Our plans

We would love to see your family and friends learning with us! Unfortunately, we don’t offer a family plan at the moment.

Whether or not you can cancel your subscription depends on the plan you have purchased. If you have signed up for our 7-day free trial, you can easily cancel it within the 7 day period in order to prevent it from rolling over into a monthly plan.

For our monthly plan you can cancel it at any time from your account and it will not renew for the next month.
Please note: You can only take classes with an active subscription.

We’re here to help

Get in touch with our student support team for any questions or needs you have.