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What People Are Saying

Gotta say the advanced excel class online is the best £120 I've ever spent! Recommended.

- A.A. Dhand

AVA gave me a blue print for my small business success. Detailed advice from someone who has done it.

- Tony Quince

Mark never loses sight of the fact that he's teaching. He always extracts and articulates the reason for each decision he makes. He completely opens up his process to the student.

- Sue Ennis

I adored the course and continue to reap the benefits from AVA Guide's simple, clear and wonderfully Canva course.

- Melissa F

Brilliant series, well worth the investment. Lots of content covered, a 'must' for folks like me that need digital skills.

- Myson

Very compelling and detailed course which certainly inspires one to experiment with these dishes.

- Angela O'Neill

Sam never ceases to amaze me with his effortless skills as a baker... a bread genius.

- Angela Hartnett

I felt so motivated taking this course. It covers everything from initial idea inspiration, story development, language patterns and then finally on to the publishing processes.

- Kara Bee